List of candidates provisionally selected for MS, PhD and MS+PhD program for JAN-MAY 2021

S.No Appln. No. Name Programme Category Stream
1 EE2011P0181 Mridula PhD HTRA EE2
2 EE2011M0071 Cheppalli Venkata Sai Praneeth MS HTRA EE2
3 EE2011M0085 Arkabrata Dattaroy MS Project EE2
4 EE2011M0070 Parvathy G MS Project EE2
5 EE2011M0123 Rajesh Kumar M G MS NHTRA EE2
6 EE2011M0129 Sreejith S MS NHTRA EE2
7 EE2011M0108 Deepak Gehlot MS NHTRA EE2
1 EE2011P0149 Suraj Dhongade PhD HTRA EE3
2 EE2011D0026 Atchyut Phalgun M PhD HTRA EE3
3 EE2011M0069 Ishant Bansal PhD HTRA EE3
1 EE2011P0171 Nimmi Sudarsan PhD HTRA EE4
2 EE2012P0061 Nambala Ramsai PhD HTRA EE4
3 EE2011P0180 Jayaram M PhD HTRA EE4
4 EE2011P0045 Raja Paul PhD NHTRA EE4
5 EE2012P0011 Sadasivam P. PhD NHTRA EE4
6 EE2011M0095 Rahual G.S. MS Project EE4
7 EE2011M0012 Shibi C. MS NHTRA EE4
1 EE2011P0040 Masoom Verma PhD HTRA EE5
2 EE2011P0082 Prasanth PhD Project EE5
3 EE2012P0075 Nilesh Sharma PhD Project EE5
4 EE2011P0022 Abhinav Kumar PhD Project EE5
5 EE2012P0063 Anand V P PhD NHTRA EE5
6 EE2011M0039 MV Akhil MS HTRA EE5
7 EE2011M0127 Aananth K MS HTRA EE5
8 EE2011M0042 Arjun Kurur MS Project EE5
9 EE2101M0003 Yazeed MS NHTRA EE5
10 EE2101M0005 Abdulmohsen Alsaui MS NHTRA EE5
11 EE2101M0006 Albaraa Shafi MS NHTRA EE5
1 EE2011D0016 Ankit Jangid PhD HTRA EE6
2 EE2011M0011 Abhishek Kumar MS Project EE6
3 EE2011M0067 Pramod S M MS Project EE6