shubham1Shubham Pande is a PhD student in the Department, and has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF). He is jointly advised by Prof. Anjan and Prof. Bhaswar. Here are excerpts of a brief interaction with Shubham.

Tell us a bit about yourself — academic background, family background etc.

I graduated with my degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering from Shri Guru Gobind Singhji Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vishnupuri, Nanded, Maharashtra in 2016. I joined IIT Madras EE department as a project associate under Prof. Anjan Chakravorty in Jan 2018.

What are your thoughts on winning the prestigious PMRF ? What do you think you did right to receive this award?

I’m thankful to my advisor Prof. Anjan Chakravorty and Dr. Bhaswar Chakravorty for their help and support. PMRF is a coveted scholarship and there is tough competition for it.  I think having CGPA > 9, few publications(2-3) and a neat research proposal which addresses areas of national importance for example defence, agriculture etc. increases the chance of selection. I think these three things were the deciding factors in my case.

Tell us a bit about your academic experience so far as a research scholar at IITM. Can you elaborate on the research environment, peer group and other relevant aspects?

It has been wonderful and memorable years at IIT Madras. Course work has helped me a lot in improving my understanding of the basics of semiconductors. My interactions/discussions with my course instructors, faculty advisors, group members and friends have further broadened my understanding. Open and Supportive environment at the labs encourages us to try out new ideas and learn from it.

What aspects of the PhD student life do you particularly like?

One thing I feel is that it is very important for research scholars to be systematic in research so that we can save time and energy. Once we develop this approach of analysing the situation/challenge systematically i.e. considering all the possibilities and choosing the best among them and finally pursuing it with proper planning, it will not only help us in research but in all aspects of life. This aspect of PhD I like the most.

What would you tell your friends and juniors who are considering doing a PhD?  

If you really want to know “Why” or “How” behind something that is of interest to you and you are ready to put some effort into it, I would say go for it and don’t think much about ifs and then.