gowriprasadGowriprasad Mysore is a PhD student in the Department, and has been awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF). He is jointly advised by Dr. Aravind and Dr. Hema Murthy (CSE) under an interdisciplinary program. Here are excerpts of a brief interaction with Gowriprasad.

Tell us a bit about yourself — academic background, family background, etc.

I was born and brought up in the city of Mysuru, Karnataka. I am learning Tabla from my school days under Vidwan Ramesh Dhannur. Ours is a joint family of 8 members at home. I took Electronics as an elective from my 11th and 12 standards, eventually did my B.E in Electronics and communication at NIE-IT, a college of the pre-independence institutional group. I was fortunate to get into IIT Hyderabad for Mtech in Signal Processing and Communication. I am thankful to Sri Rama Murty Sir at IITH for guiding me through the research aspects during my MTech.

What are your thoughts on winning the prestigious PMRF? What do you think you did right to receive this award?

I consider myself lucky to get the PMRF offer since, due to Covid-19, the selection process was much shorter without a direct interview.

From my MTech days, I was working in the area in which I am currently working in Ph.D. It gave me more clarity while writing my thesis proposal to PMRF. I think that is the right thing I did by writing a reasonably good thesis proposal with my supervisor’s guidance. I should acknowledge my guides Prof. R Aravind and Prof. Hema A Murthy, for their support and the strong recommendation letters without which this award wouldn’t have possible.

Tell us a bit about your academic experience so far as a research scholar at IITM. Can you elaborate on the research environment, peer group, and other relevant aspects?

It has been a very good experience for me in IITM. The peer mates and the supportive faculties made things easy.  I am really fortunate to have two senior experienced faculty members in the field (Prof. R Aravind and Prof. Hema A Murthy) as my guides. Our lab environment is very cheerful and energetic, with healthy discussions and co-operation. Since most of my labmates are senior to me, I get to know many anecdotes of our lab and learn technical and non-technical things collaborating with them.

What aspects of Ph.D.student life do you particularly like? What aspects, if any, could do with improvements?

I liked almost all aspects of the Ph.D. student life being in IITM right from cycling inside the campus to working in a peaceful lab atmosphere.

What would you tell your friends and juniors who are considering doing a Ph.D.?

I would like to tell my juniors without a second thought that IITM is one of the best places for academic research having brilliant minds guiding us. I encourage students who are doing MS to convert to Ph.D.