Our PhD Scholars have been awarded 
the  prestigious Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship (PMRF).   
That brings our total to five PMRF awards in 2020

The five scholars: 
– Shubham Pande (EE18D  – Guides – Dr. Anjan and Dr.Bhaswar
– Gowriprasad Mysore (EE19D004) – Guides – Dr. Aravind and Dr. Hema Murthy (CSE) 
(Under ID (interdisciplinary) Category) 
– Lokesh CM (EE18D301) – Guides; Dr. Anil and Dr. Basudev Roy (PH)
– Sruti S (EE18D410) – Guide: Dr. Giridhar 
– Sushmitha Shree S (EE18D407) – Guides – Dr. Krishna Jagannathan and Dr. Avhishek Chatterjee
Hearty Congratulations to all the PMRF Award Winners !!