MV Scholar Program 2020 @ IITM


General Information

The Malathi Veeraraghavan (MV) Scholar Program is a fellowship in the memory and honour of Prof. Malathi Veeraghavan, an alumnus of IIT Madras – B.Tech (Electronics, 1984). This fellowship is intended to recognize and encourage a promising woman research scholar in EE or CSE Departments who has shown strong research potential for a career in research.

About Prof. Malathi Veeraghavan

A brilliant student, Malathi demonstrated her keen intellect and academic prowess from an early age. After completing her B.Tech at IITM, Malathi completed her MS and Ph.D. degrees from Duke University (1985, 1988).

She then joined Bell Laboratories, where she worked for 10 years, starting as a member of the technical staff and quickly rising to become a Distinguished Member. Malathi created an efficient call-processing architecture that enabled delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over the Internet. This innovation greatly reduced the cost of using telephone networks and lowered barriers to entering the telecommunications market. She served on the faculty at Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York from 1999-2002, where she won the Jacobs award for excellence in education in 2002.

Malathi joined the University of Virginia, Charlottesville (UVA) VA faculty in January 2003 as Associate Professor and Director of Computer Engineering, with joint appointments in the Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. She was promoted to Professor in 2007. Her pioneering research work in high-speed networking, which includes optical, datacenter, virtual-circuit, and grid networks, vehicular networks, and future Internet architectures have resulted in 30 patents and over 130 publications and eight Best paper awards. For her contributions to research, Malathi was elected as Fellow, IEEE in 2020.

Malathi was a brilliant researcher, a passionate teacher, and a warm person. In every role, Malathi excelled because of her passion to explore new fields and to share her knowledge with others. Malathi’s research work at UVA received funding from multiple projects worth more that USD 15 Million. UVA colleagues remember her … , “Malathi had an amazing work ethic and generously shared her expertise in teaching, research and living a quality life. What our community will miss most is her personal example and her efforts to make the world a better place.” “Malathi was so passionate and inquisitive,” “We have lost a great thinker and colleague who dedicated her life to her science and her students.”

Most importantly, Malathi inspired her students to pursue excellence in their professional work. In May 2020, Malathi passed away due to cancer. However, her memory and legacy will live on. In honour of Malathi’s contributions to her field as a pioneering woman researcher, Malathi’s husband Shri and her classmates and friends have instituted the MV Scholar Program. It is our sincere hope that future generations of women researchers from IIT Madras will follow in Malathi’s footsteps, and make this a fitting remembrance of an outstanding engineer, researcher, teacher, and above all, a wonderful person.

What the MV Scholar Program offers:

  • The selected research scholar will be designated as “MV Scholar for the year 2020”
  • Scholar will receive a top-up scholarship of Rs 25,000 per month for one academic year (over and above the IITM HTRA)
  • A certificate stating that the recipient has been recognized as the “MV Scholar for the year 2020”
  • Opportunities for research mentoring by IITM alumni.
  • The profile of the MV Scholar will be posted on the MV Scholar Program Website, linked with the Departmental websites of EE and CSE Departments.
  • At the end of the award year, the MV Scholar give a lecture in a joint EE/CSE seminar.
  • The MV Scholar’s final report on how the fellowship supported her research during the year will be posted on the MV Scholar website
  • The scholarship period will be July 2020 – June 2021.

Who can apply for the MV Scholar Program

  • A woman PhD research scholar in EE or CSE Departments
  • Currently in semesters 5/6/7/8 of the PhD program and receiving Institute HTRA
  • Must have completed PhD Comprehensive and demonstrated research output
  • Interested in pursuing a career in research

How to Apply

  • Submit (online) a single document containing

    • Your resume
    • Transcript (showing the current semester you are in)
    • A 3-5-page document containing a brief description of your research area, a summary of the work you have done so far, and what you propose to do. Indicate the potential impact of your work.
    •  It would be good to remind the candidate that we are evaluating intellectual merit and broader impact of their work
    • A listing of the visible research output (papers, presentations, awards, patents …)
    • Names of two references (for letters of recommendation)
  • Student can be pursuing any area of research in EE, CSE or Data Sciences

Time line

  • Announcement of MV Scholar Program August 7, 2020
  • Applications can be submitted until August 24, 2020
  • Selection process August 26 – September 3, 2020
  • Announcement of MV Scholar 2020 on September 5, 2020