List of candidates provisionally selected for MS, PhD and MS+PhD program for JULY 2020

Note : The classification of financial support as HTRA or Project is an internal classification of IIT Madras to indicate the source of funding. All HTRA and Project students whose selection is confirmed will be receiving stipends. Candidates whose financial support is indicated as INSPIRE or UGC will be receiving support from those sources. External candidates do not receive funding from IIT Madras

S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
EE1 – Communications, Signal Processing and Communication Networks
1 EE2005P0056 Arthi S HTRA PHD EE1
2 EE2004P0081 Ravi Kumar HTRA PHD EE1
3 EE1910AD0142 Siddharth Shrivastava HTRA DPHD EE1
4 EE2005P0152 Sreekanth Prabhakar C M HTRA PHD EE1
5 EE2003D0035 Ipshita Panda HTRA DPHD EE1
6 EE2005AP0085 Ashish Kumar HTRA PHD EE1
7 EE2002P0003 Ashwani Kumar Tiwari HTRA PHD EE1
8 EE2005P0173 Sarath B Project PHD EE1
9 EE2004AD0014 Kilari Nikhil Project DPHD EE1
10 EE2005P0136 Shiv Shankar Project PHD EE1
11 EE2003P0001 Kailas D HTRA PHD EE1
12 EE1912P0017 Raghav Dev HTRA PHD EE1
13 EE2003AP0108 Sally Khaidem HTRA PHD EE1
14 EE2004AM0112 Deepsayan Sadhukhan HTRA MS EE1
15 EE2005M0127 Rohit Choudhary HTRA MS EE1
16 EE2004M0129 Krishan Kumar Patel HTRA MS EE1
17 EE2003AM0108 Shilajeet Banerjee HTRA MS EE1
18 EE2004M0140 Priyam Kumar HTRA MS EE1
19 EE2003AM0053 Snehal Singh Tomar HTRA MS EE1
20 EE2003M0403 Rohan Desai HTRA MS EE1
21 EE2003M0132 Sukhadia Vrunda Nileshkumar HTRA MS EE1
22 EE2005M0042 Nakul V Raichur Project MS EE1
23 EE2003M0260 Varkey M John Project MS EE1
24 EE2004AM0003 Yashvanth. L Project MS EE1
25 EE2004AM0106 Debarpan Bhattacharya Project MS EE1
26 EE2004AM0023 Tanvi Vinay Kulkarni Project MS EE1
27 EE2005M0161 Mudiyam Veerasravanthi Project MS EE1
28 EE2005M0096 Harivignesh A Project MS EE1
29 EE2003M0126 Aqil K H Project MS EE1
30 EE2004M0292 Santhosh Kumar S.R. Project MS EE1
31 EE2003M0149 Kumari Rashmi Project MS EE1
32 EE2004M0146 Shital Sheshrao Yelne Project MS EE1
33 EE2005M0082 Sowmya S Project MS EE1
34 EE2005M0228 Pon Surendar Project MS EE1
35 EE2003M0195 Hari Prakash P Project MS EE1
36 EE2005M0101 Palle Chaitanya Bharath Project MS EE1
37 EE2005M0322 Carlton D’Silva Project MS EE1
38 EE2005AM0031 Jeeva Keshav S Project MS EE1
39 EE2003M0389 Aditya Sanjiv Kanade INSPIRE MS EE1
40 EE2003M0220 Krishna Bharadwaj Pisupati Project MS EE1
41 EE2005P0090 Sumit Sharma HTRA PHD EE1
EE2 – Power Systems, Power Electronics and High Voltage
S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
1 EE2003AP0045 Pogulaguntla Ravi Teja HTRA PHD EE2
2 EE2003D0054 Surve Uddhav Ramchandra HTRA DPHD EE2
3 EE2003P0003 Nagesha C HTRA PHD EE2
4 EE2003AP0030 Ajmeri Yash Yogesh HTRA PHD EE2
5 EE2004P0039 Ajit Kumar Upadhiya HTRA PHD EE2
6 EE2002P0008 Anupuruvadraju Naga Sampath Kumar Project PHD EE2
7 EE2003P0029 Nihalini Baline Project PHD EE2
8 EE2002P0009 Pratyush Pandey Project PHD EE2
9 EE2004P0086 Kamma V V Nagesh Kumar External PHD EE2
10 EE2004P0090 Nadiya Philip INSPIRE PHD EE2
11 EE2004M0112 Shaik Jan Ahmed HTRA MS EE2
12 EE2003M0244 K Gopikrishnan HTRA MS EE2
13 EE2004M0254 J Veejay Karthik HTRA MS EE2
14 EE2003M0237 Sandeep Kumar Singh HTRA MS EE2
15 EE2003M0099 Sougata Nayak Project MS EE2
16 EE2003M0391 Ashwini Kumar Dubey HTRA MS EE2
17 EE2003M0274 Hari Krishna T HTRA MS EE2
EE3 – Microelectronics and MEMs
S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
1 EE2003P0196 Soumyadip Chatterjee HTRA PHD EE3
2 EE2005D0007 Masud Rana Sk HTRA DPHD EE3
3 EE2003AP0005 Aishwarya Kaity HTRA PHD EE3
4 EE2003D0040 Ruchika Ratnawat HTRA PHD EE3
5 EE2003M0247 Gaitonde Digamber Anil HTRA MS EE3
6 EE2005M0215 Fathima Jesbin K HTRA MS EE3
7 EE2003AM0077 Abhishek Kumar HTRA MS EE3
8 EE2004M0426 Saurabh Sharma HTRA MS EE3
9 EE2004AM0062 Sagnik Basu HTRA MS EE3
10 EE2004AM0065 Sandip Ghosh HTRA MS EE3
11 EE2004M0520 Amrendra Singh HTRA MS EE3
12 EE2004M0029 Farzana Yasmin Project MS EE3
13 EE2003M0052 Pratik Ganguly Project MS EE3
14 EE2004AM0006 Prakash Das HTRA MS EE3
EE4 – Control Systems, Measurements and Instrumentation
S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
1 EE2004AP0074 Navya Rose George HTRA PHD EE4
2 EE2004AP0072 Vignesh Gurumurthy HTRA PHD EE4
3 EE2003AP0064 Aman Sharma HTRA PHD EE4
4 EE2004AP0089 Sakshigopal Kundu HTRA PHD EE4
5 EE2003P0216 Amalan S Project PHD EE4
6 EE2003AP0111 Arthi R Project PHD EE4
7 EE2003M0354 Shovan Kar HTRA MS EE4
8 EE2004AM0070 Mahesh Pandurang Mohite HTRA MS EE4
9 EE2003M0207 Vinaya Mary Prinse HTRA MS EE4
10 EE2005AM0008 Abinash Agasti HTRA MS EE4
11 EE2004M0116 Suhail Ansari T A Project MS EE4
12 EE2004M0114 R.Nishitha Project MS EE4
13 EE2004M0167 Shyam A Project MS EE4
14 EE2003M0190 Vaishali B Project MS EE4
15 EE2005M0216 J. Kiruthi Vasan Project MS EE4
16 EE2005D0021 Shubhanshu Sharma HTRA PHD EE4
EE5 – Photonics, Optical Communications and RF
S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
1 EE2005P0050 Anil Babarao Ringne HTRA PHD EE5
2 EE2005P0009 Rigvendra Kumar Vardhan HTRA PHD EE5
3 EE2003AP0100 Rakesh Maharana HTRA PHD EE5
4 EE2003AD0017 Anand Kumar HTRA DPHD EE5
5 EE2005P0054 Anjana James HTRA PHD EE5
6 EE2004AP0028 Ahana Sadhu Project PHD EE5
7 EE2003P0034 Jerin Geogy George HTRA PHD EE5
8 EE2004AP0112 Anukriti Giri Project PHD EE5
9 EE2004AP0076 Anagha Gayathri Project PHD EE5
10 EE2005P0098 Immanuel Thekkooden INSPIRE PHD EE5
11 EE2002P0023 Vaibhav Pratap Singh External PHD EE5
12 EE2003P0010 B Ganapathy Subramanian External PHD EE5
13 EE2005P0041 Susan Thomas UGC PHD EE5
14 EE2005M0266 Gopikrishna V HTRA MS EE5
15 EE2004M0196 Saurav Roy HTRA MS EE5
16 EE2003M0341 Nistala Krishna Vamsi HTRA MS EE5
17 EE2003M0029 Siva Subramaniyam C N Project MS EE5
18 EE2003AM0089 Susmeet Bakshi Project MS EE5
EE6 – Integrated Circuits and Systems
S.No Application number Name Financial
Program Stream
1 EE2004AP0143 Krishna Daivajna HTRA PHD EE6
2 EE2004AP0096 Vivek Rathore HTRA PHD EE6
3 EE2004M0515 R G V Ravi Teja Adusumilli HTRA MS EE6
4 EE2004M0210 Nishanth A B HTRA MS EE6
5 EE2003M0081 Rajib Chatterjee HTRA MS EE6
6 EE2003M0140 Sumanth Narayana Karanth HTRA MS EE6
7 EE2003M0168 Ankit Sinha HTRA MS EE6
8 EE2005AM0010 Rohan Choudhary HTRA MS EE6
9 EE2003M0388 Sattiwk Gunakar Mitra HTRA MS EE6
10 EE2003M0189 Arkadeep Barua HTRA MS EE6
11 EE2003AM0021 Meghna Misra HTRA MS EE6
12 EE2003M0184 Ankit Raj HTRA MS EE6
13 EE2004M0251 Ankit Jangid HTRA MS EE6
14 EE2003M0264 Murimuri Para Brahmachari HTRA MS EE6
15 EE2003M0066 Shubham HTRA MS EE6
16 EE2005M0247 Snigdha Jakkoju HTRA MS EE6
17 EE2003M0255 Ravuri Abhinav Krishna HTRA MS EE6
18 EE2004AM0072 Maddeti Praveen Kumar HTRA MS EE6
19 EE2004AM0083 Shivam Nigam Project MS EE6
20 EE2003M0113 Prashant Sharma Project MS EE6
21 EE2005M0224 Mohammad Zeeshan Project MS EE6
22 EE2004M0457 Mallu Vamshi Krishna Project MS EE6
23 EE2004M0456 Shivangi Sachan Project MS EE6
24 EE2004AM0043 Neel Hingrajiya HTRA MS EE6
25 EE2004AM0045 Nilanjan Dutta HTRA MS EE6
26 EE2004M0321 Paramita Banerjee Project MS EE6
27 EE2004M0508 Vaibhav Choudhary Project MS EE6
28 EE2004M0317 Chetna Project MS EE6
29 EE2004M0025 Utkarsh Shukla Project MS EE6
30 EE2003M0283 Jeffry George Abraham Project(TI) MS EE6
31 EE2003M0142 Arkaprabha Das Project(TI) MS EE6
32 EE2003AM0081 Manoj Pal Project(TI) MS EE6
33 EE2003AM0034 Tavesh Project(TI) MS EE6
34 EE2003AM0068 Debojyoti Banerjee Project(TI) MS EE6