What is provisional-admission?
The institute procedures require physical verification of documents before admission is formally complete. Since travel is not possible due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, you are given provisional-admission. The provisional-admission will be automatically upgraded to full-admission once the situation normalizes and the campus reopens in residential mode. This is subject to the verification of the originals of the documents relating to your eligibility, payment of fee, and completion of the registration formalities on the date of admission.

When will classes begin?
Classes are scheduled to begin on August 31st.

Which courses should I register for? How do I register for courses?
This information will be given during the orientation session which is scheduled for 25th August, 230pm. Faculty from your stream will inform you of the details.

How many courses should I register for?
You are expected to register for two courses. Details will be provided during the orientation session.

How do I attend classes?
Classes will be held online. The faculty teaching your course will give you details about conduct of classes, mode of communication with faculty, and any software installation that may be required.

What if I miss an online class due to problems with internet connectivity?
The classes will also be recorded. The recording will be made available to you.

Do these courses count towards my degree requirements?
After your full-admission procedure is completed, these courses can be credited towards your degree requirements.

Who will be my research advisor?
Different streams have different ways of pairing students with advisors. You will be provided more details during the orientation session.

When and where is the all important orientation session?
The orientation session will be held online. It is scheduled for 25th August, 2.30pm. You will be notified of the schedule in advance.

Do I need to pay fees now?
Yes, you have to pay Rs. 5000/- on or before 5th August 2020 to convey your acceptance. The fee payment link is provided on the call letter.

Do I need to do anything other than paying the fees?
Yes, you have to fill the acceptance form on or before 5th August 2020. The link is provided on the call letter.

What happens if I do not pay the fees by 5th August 2020?
You will be forfeiting the seat.

Do I receive a fellowship after I join?
Fellowship will begin after your formal-admission procedure is completed.

I am an external student. How do I fulfil my residential requirement?
The July-November semester will be in online mode. You can begin your residential semester once the institute reopens in residential mode.

What are the different categories-HTRA, Project, Project-NHTRA, External, Part-time?
In the first three categories(HTRA, Project, Project-NHTRA) you will receive a stipend. The different categories refer to different sources of financial support. External or Part-time students do not receive financial support from the institute.