To All Graduands:

Hearty Congratulations on completing your studies at IITM. We look forward to your participation for the convocation of 2019.
The following are some important points regarding the convocation arrangements (Please go through in detail)

  • The programme in the forenoon slot will be in the presence of the PM, at SAC. Graduands will require to be seated in SAC as per the guidelines given by the Institute to them. Very tight Security arrangements would be prevalent as per the needs of the occasion.
  • The forenoon function will also be streamed live on the web. Web links would be announced for this purpose.
  • For parents of EE graduands who would like to come to IIT for the forenoon programme (only parents of awardees would receive invitation for the forenoon function for seating at SAC), viewing arrangements are being made at the New Academic Complex, where the proceedings will be streamed.
  • The degrees for all graduands of the EE Department will be presented in a second programme in the afternoon of Sept 30th. This function will take place in the IITM Research Park (IITMRP) Auditorium, 7th floor Phase II. Parents/Family members of all graduands are cordially invited for this event.
  • Please note that parking facilties are not available at IITMRP.
  • Buses will be arranged from the Himalaya Mess for graduands (after the PM has left and the graduands have had their lunch) to take them to the base of the ramp connecting  ITM and the research park. Graduands: Please have lunch and board buses by 1.15 pm
  • Buses will be arranged from the Food Court near New Academic Complex, ESB and GC for parents/guardians of the graduands to reach the base of the ramp connecting IITM and research park. Buses from GC would terminate at Jamuna Hostel. Parents / Family members: Please have lunch at Campus Café and board the bus by 1.30pm latest.
  • Direction markers will be available along the way and volunteers would also be available to guide all attendees up the ramp and further to the research park auditorium.  Volunteers will be wearing a burgundy coloured tee-shirt for easy identification.
  • The auditorium is located in the 7th floor in the D block of the research park.
  • The Department programme for presenting the degrees will start at 2pm on Sept 30th at the IITM RP auditorium. All are requested to be seated by 1.45pm.
  • The function is expected to be over by 3.30pm. All attendees can return to the base of the ramp from which point buses, as before, would be available to drop them at GC

Map of Important Locations


For any clarifications, please contact EE Office
Ph: 044 22574400

Buses to IITM RP (base of the ramp at IITM) will leave regularly from

1. Campus Café
2. GC
3. ESB (Tennis Court Side)
4. Himalaya