List of candidates selected for JUL-NOV 2017 admission to M.S by research in Analog and Mixed Signal Design at IIT Madras

Application No Roll No Name of the applicant Scheme
EE1704M0380 EE17S036 Chitnis Ashutosh Vivek TI-Project
EE1704M0256 EE17S037 Chintan TI-Project
EE1703M0128 EE17S038 Iraban Dutta TI-Project
EE1703M0044 EE17S039 Narala Raghavendra Reddy TI-Project
EE1703M0067 EE17S040 Asish Das TI-Project
EE1704M0550 EE17S041 Peetala Kishore TI-Project