Professor Kishan Dholakia, Professor of Physics at the University of St Andrews Scotland, will be giving a talk on 18th January.

Title: Let Nothing slow you down: optical manipulation in liquid, air and vacuum
Date: 18-01-2017
Time: 02:00 PM
Venue: ESB 244 Seminar Room (First Floor), Department of Electrical Engineering

Optical manipulation of mesoscopic particles remains a very powerful method for both fundamental and applied science. The field has seen great advances for the biosciences including new studies of single molecules and force studies on cells. In the physical sciences, studies have also seen groundbreaking work in many areas. In this talk we describe some of the recent work at St Andrews looking particularly at the trapping of particles in liquid, air and vacuum with an emphasis on optical angular momentum transfer. By combining optical shaping of light with materials science new studies of viscosity and heating can be seen. In vacuum we observe rotation of one and two trapped particles and discuss prospects for studying effects at the classical-quantum interface

Kishan Dholakia is Professor of Physics at the University of St Andrews Scotland, an honorary adjunct Professor at the Centre for Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, USA, visiting Professor at Chiba University, Japan and distinguished professor at IIT Madras from 2017. He heads the Optical Manipulation Group who work on a wide range of topics based on light. This includes advanced imaging for neuroscience and cancer diagnosis, beam shaping and optical manipulation. He has published over 275 refereed journal papers. His work has led to a 2015 citation in the Guiness book of Records. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Optical Society (OSA) and SPIE. He won the European Optics Prize in 2003 and in 2008 he received a Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award. He is the 2016 winner of the R.W. Wood Prize of the Optical Society.