CourseTitle : Optical Signal Processing and Quantum Communications

Objectives :

To introduce the basic principles required for the understanding of nonlinear optical signal processing techniques.

To apply these principles for specific applications on all-optical switching, wavelength conversion, logic gates, buffer, flip flops.

Course Contents:
Pockels effect, electro-optic modulators
Second order nonlinear effects in crystals
(~3 weeks)
Third order nonlinear effects in fibers – Self Phase Modulation, Cross Phase Modulation,
Four Wave Mixing Nonlinear Schrodinger equation, numerical solution
(~ 3 weeks)
Nonlinear Optical Loop Mirror and applications
Stimulated Brillouin scattering and generation of slow light
(~2 weeks)
Origin of nonlinear effects in semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) (~3 weeks)
Specific applications of nonlinear effects in SOAs (~3 weeks)

You are expected to implement any one nonlinear optical signal processing functionality through simulation or through experiment. You need to produce a technical write-up at the end of the project and present the same, which will be reviewed and graded.