Title : Communication Techniques

Course No : EE5151

Credits : 3

Prerequisite :

Syllabus :Review of Fourier Transform,  Passband and baseband representation, Speech signal sampling and quantization leading to 64 kbps PCM, Synchronous multiplexing E1, E3 etc, asynchronous multiplexing.

Traffic analysis leading to Erlang’s formulas, introduction to Queuing with steady-state solutions to Markov chain, packet switching,  Analysis of ARQ strategies,

Wireless communication basics, diversity, GSM and CDMA standards, wireless LAN

Introduction to  White Gaussian noise, Noise floor and Boltzman equation

Link budget analysis, Introduction to quantization.

Text Books :

1. Bellamy, Digital Telephony,

2. Proakis and Salehi, Communications System,

3. Tse and Vishwanath, Intro to Wireless Communication

References :