Title : Solid State Devices
Course No : EE3001
Credits : 4
Prerequisite : None

Syllabus :

Solid state devices – History and its relevance in modern world

Solids, Crystals and Electronic grade materials

Formation of energy bands in solids

Concept of hole, Density of states and Fermi level

Intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductors

Equilibrium Carrier concentration

Direct and indirect semiconductors

Recombination and Generation of carriers,

Carrier transport – Drift and Diffusion

Equations of state – Continuity and Poisson equation

pn junction – energy band diagram, derivation of dc and ac characteristics

Bipolar junction transistors – physics and characteristics

MOS capacitor

MOSFET – physics, characteristics and modeling

Other devices: LEDs, Solar cells, metal-semiconductor junctions, solid state memories


Text Books :

[1] Robert Pierret, “Semiconductor Device Fundamentals,” Pearson Education, 2006

[2] B. G. Streetman and S. K. Banerjee, “Solid State Electronic Devices,” Prentice Hall India, 2014

[3] M. S. Tyagi, “Introduction to Semiconductor Materials and Devices”, John Wiley, 2004


References :

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