Microelectronics and MEMS Lab is well-equipped for semiconductor device and MEMS fabrication, characterization, modeling and simulation. It has Class-100 and Class-1000 clean rooms which house the major facilities that include a Mask writer, double-sided lithography facility, substrate bond aligner, LPCVD for polysilicon deposition, PECVD for dielectrics, diffusion furnaces, e-beam metallization unit and RIE for dry etching. DC and RF probe stations, parametric analyzer and LCR meter are used for electrical characterization, while a non-contact surface profiler and ellipsometer are used for process characterization. ATLAS, SenTaurus, Coventorware and Intellisuite are some of the commercial softwares used for simulation. The facilities have been used for fabrication and characterization of devices based on Silicon, GaAs and InP based materials, and for modeling various types of devices as listed below. Some activity has also been initiated on GaN and silicon based photonic devices. A wide array of devices, e.g. polysilicon gate n-channel MOSFETs, bipolar junction transistors, pressure sensors with integrated amplifiers, GaAs MESFETs, pigtailed InGaAs/InP PIN photodiodes and variable optical attenuators have been fabricated in the laboratory.

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