Title : Trasducers – EE6403
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Syllabus :

  • Measurement Systems: Definition of terminologies – Generalized performance

characteristics – Amplitude modulation for data handling – demodulator circuits.

Passive transducers: Definition

Resistance Transducers:

  • Resistance potentiometer – noise – resolution. Strain gauges – associated electrical

circuitry- temperature compensation – load cells – torque and pressure measurement

using strain gauges.

  • Resistance thermometers – three-lead arrangement – Thermistors – linearization. Hotwire anemometers – time constant improvement – measurement of direction of flow.

Inductance Transducers:

  • General factors governing the design of self-inductance transducers – transversearmature and plunger type- sensitivity and nonlinearity – Associated bridge circuits –choice of components.
  • LVDT – Expression for mutual inductance variation – null voltage – lead and lag

networks – applications of LVDTs.

  • Capacitance Transducers:
  • Various configurations – sensitivity and nonlinearity factors – associated signal

conditioning circuits.

Seismic Pickups:

  • Transfer function and frequency response.

Force-Balance Transducers:

  • Theory-servo systems for measurement of non-electrical quantities.

Active transducers:

  • Definition – General type pickups, thermocouples –Piezoelectric sensors – use of charge amplifiers with piezoelectric sensors.

Instrumentation Systems:

  • Overall instrumentation system for measurement of non-electrical quantities like displacement and velocity, acceleration, force, pressure, sound flow, temperature, etc.


Text Books :

  1. K. Neubert, ‘Instrument Transducers-An introduction to their performance

and design’ Oxford University press, Oxford, Second edition-2003.

  1.  E. O. Doeblin ‘Measurement Systems – Application and Design’ McGraw –

Hill Publications, Fifth Edition, 2004.


References :