Title : Stochastic Modeling and the Theory of Queues
Course No :  EE6150
Credits : 4
Prerequisite :

Syllabus :

Stochastic Processes, Renewal Processes, Renewal Theorems, Point Processes (Poisson) , Time Average vs Poin-twise Limits. Discrete Time Markov Chains : Communication Classes, Transition Probabilities, Stationary measures, Periodic and Aperiodic States. Continuous Time Markov Chains : Pure jump continuous time chains, Regular chains, Stationary measures, Birth and Death process. Queueing Theory : Birth and death queues, Erlang Models, M/G/c queues, Work and Waiting times, Little?s Law, PASTA, Service disciplines. Queueing Networks : Reversible Chains, Tandem Queues, Jackson networks.

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