Title : Robust Control
Course No : EE6416
Credits :
Prerequisite :

Syllabus :

  • Classical Control, Root locus, Nyquist plots, Robustness and Disturbance rejection in SISO systems. Multivariable Linear Systems: Continuous time State space models, Discrete time state models. Transfer-functions, Frequency response, Poles, Zeros and Modes. Stability,
  • Change of Basis, Controlloability Observability and Observer Feedback. Performance
  • Measures: General Models of Feedback Control Systems. Norms and Cost functions.
  • Robustness: Internal Stability, Structured and Unstructured uncertainty models and their
  • robustness analysis. H∞ Control : Full information control, H∞ Estimation, H∞ Output
  • feedback, Finite time control, Steady State Control and μ Synthesis.

Text Books :

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  • 1999.
  • 2. K. Zhou, J. C. Doyle and K. Glover, Robust and Optimal Control, Prentice-Hall, 1999.
  • 3. S. Skogstad and I. Postlethwaite, Multivariable Feedback Control, John Wiley and Sons,
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  • 4. T. Glad and L. Ljung, Control Theory: Multivariable and Non-linear methods, Taylor and
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References :