Title : Multi-Carrier Communications
Course No :  EE6141
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Linear Algebra: Vector Spaces, Linear independence, Subspaces, Projections, Orthogonality, Eigen Decomposition, Quadratic forms, Digital Communication Review: Linear stream modulation, Optimal Detection, ISI channels, Equalization, Multi-carrier Fundamentals: Motivation, OFDM, Subcarrier notion, Role of FFT, Parallel channel decomposition and detection, OFDM Transmitter Optimization: Adaptive Modulation, Water-filling Solution, SNR gap analysis, Bit loading algorithms, Linear precoding, Coded OFDM, OFDM Receiver Algorithms : Synchronization, Sensitivity to timing and frequency errors, Channel Estimation and Equalization, Zero forcing and MMSE algorithms, Training sequence design, Multi-user Systems: OFDMA, SC-FDMA, Distributed and localized mapping, Multi-user diversity, Resource allocation algorithms, Applications to cellular systems, MIMO-OFDM: Fundamental MIMO concepts, Spatial diversity, Spatial Multiplexing, Space-Frequency coding.

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