Title :  Modern Coding Theory
Course No : EE5161
Credits :
Prerequisite :

Syllabus :

  • Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Codes
  • Definition and construction, degree distributions, regular and irregular ensembles
  • Hard and soft message-passing decoders
  • Computation trees, density evolution and threshold for symmetric channels
  • Optimization of degree distribution
  • Codes in standards and codec implementations
  • Protograph LDPC Codes and Spatial Coupling
  • Definition and construction
  • Vector Density Evolution
  • Definition of Spatial Coupling
  • Threshold Saturation Property
  • Turbo Codes
  • Definition and construction
  • Turbo encoder and interleaver, ensemble distance properties
  • Turbo decoder – in theory and in practice
  • Codes in standards and codec implementations
  • Polar Codes
  • Definition and construction
  • Encoding and decoding of polar codes
  • Capacity-approaching property of polar codes

Text Books :

  • Modern Coding Theory by Tom Richardson and Rudiger Urbanke, Cambridge     University Press 2008.
  • Channel Codes: Classical and Modern by William E. Ryan and Shu Lin, Cambridge University Press 2009.
  • Error Control Coding by Shu Lin and Daniel Costello, Pearson / Prentice     Hall 2003.

References :