Congratulations to Mr. Jayavel from Assistive Technologies Laboratory and Mr. Pradeep Thangappan of Enability Technologies for leading the development of iGest, a gesture to speech converter for kids with cerebral palsy. iGest comes with an inertial motion unit (IMU), rechargeable battery, Bluetooth and sdcard and has the form factor of a wrist watch, can you believe that?

They believe that one way to reinforce motor skills and improve gesture consistency is through practice in a game. Better compliance could be achieved if the game were made even more portable. In their unique system, data captured by the sensor is transmitted to a phone, thus allowing easy portability to the convenience of the child. The unique contribution of this system is that it harnesses existing motor capacity and movement in children to enable communication.

Their work has won a Catalytic Grant for Early Stage Enterprises at the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum and is awaiting a nod for incubation.