Title : Geometric Nonlinear control theory
Course No : EE6419
Credits :
Prerequisite :

Syllabus :

  • Introduction. What is a nonlinear system? Characteristic examples. Limitations of linearization. Nonlinear input-output maps.
  • Mathematical Preliminaries: Manifolds, Tangent spaces, vector fields.
  • Controllability and observability. Lie brackets; rank conditions, relations with controllability and observability of linearized systems, examples.
  • State space transformations and feedback. State feedback, feedback linearization, computed torque control of robot manipulators, observer design, and examples.
  • Decoupling problems. Disturbance and input-output decoupling, tracking, geometrical formulation and controlled invariant distributions, examples.
  • Stability and stabilization. Stabilization and linearization, stabilization of non-controllable critical eigenvalues, zero dynamics and decoupling problems with stability, passivity-based control, discontinuous feedback, examples.


Text Books:

  1. Nonlinear dynamical control systems by Henk Nijmeijer and Arjan van der Schaft
  2. Nonlinear control systems by Alberto Isidori

References :