Title : Compact Modeling of Devices for IC Design
Course No : EE6341
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Bipolar Transistors, modern bipolar transistors, regional approach, DC characteristics under various injection levels, transit time and capacitance components, high current effects, integral charge control relation (ICCR), generalized ICCR, transient integral charge control (TICC) relation, field based modeling, one dimensional intrinsic bipolar transistor model development, internal base impedance, two/three dimensional effects and complete transistor modeling, temperature and other effects, industry standard models like SGP, VBIC, MEXTRAM and HICUM. Hierarchical modeling strategy, application circuits. MOS Transistors: PaoSah model, charge sheet approximation, surface potential, large signal modeling of MOST: quasi-static and non-quasi-static effects, threshold voltage based models, gummel symmetry and its effects in compact MOS models, charge based EKV model, surface potential based model formulation, LDMOS model development, PSP model features, future MOS model scenario. Passive components.

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