Title : Advanced CMOS Devices and Technology
Course No :   EE6346
Credits : 3
Prerequisite : EE 3001 or EE 5313 and COT

Course Objective :

To teach the basics of how modern CMOS devices are designed for better power-performance compared to previous generation when simple geometric shrinking no longer works. This will be useful for both designers and technologists who want to work on advanced nodes as there is a lot of design-technology interaction needed for a successful tape out


History of Si technology. Review of CMOS scaling. Problems with traditional geometric scaling. Power crisis. Basic quantum mechanics

Mobility enhancement techniques. Review of stress and strain and how it affects band structure of silicon. Types and realization of stress elements. Problem with stress elements

Gate oxide scaling trend. Urgency to switch gate dielectric material. High k material selection. Fermi level pinning. Process integration of high k gate dielectrics and metal gates.

Multi-gate transistors. Ways of realization. Fabrication issues and integration challenges

Ultra shallow junctions. Dopant activation methods. Reduction of parasitic RC


Compact modeling process Analog and digital benchmarking of models. Layout dependent effects. Test structures used for characterization.

Variations and how it can affect scaling.

Basics of sub wavelength lithography. Design for manufacturability


Text Books : No single book covers all these topics


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