EE6110: Digital Modulation and Coding

Instructors: RadhaKrishna Ganti and R.Manivasakan

Slot: C

Contact Information:

  1. Phone:   2257-4467
  2. Email:  rganti [at] ee . iitm . ac . in
  3. Office: ESB 208D

We will be closely following the book “Fundamentals of Digital Communication” by  Upamanyu Madhow

Additional Textbooks:

  1. Digital Communication  by Lee and Messerschmitt

I will also use additional references whenever necessary.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic probability. If you have any questions regarding the prerequisites and your background, please drop an email.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Signal-space representation
  3. Modulation and Demodulation
  4. Optimum receivers
  5. Basic error control codes


Homework: 30%

Quiz 1     : 20%

Quiz 2     : 20%

Finals      : 30%      

Homework: There will be a weekly homework that will be graded. Homework constitutes about 30% of the grade and will be taken very seriously.

Office hours: Once the course gets started, I will conduct regular office hours.