EE5161 is an advanced course on coding theory. Students are assumed to have had an introductory course on error control coding such as EE5160 or EE5142. I will be covering a selection of topics from two books: i) Channel codes by Ryan and Lin and ii) Iterative error correction by S. Johnson. As the title suggests the emphasis is on modern codes and by that we mean the developments that began circa 1990s with the discovery of turbo codes and rediscovery of LDPC codes. Our focus will be on LDPC codes and turbo codes. Depending on the time some additional topics such as finite geometry LDPC codes, polar codes, spatially coupled LDPC codes might be covered. There will be 2--3 projects in this course along with some matlab assignments. Some programming knowledge is essential. At the end of this course you should be able to design and simulate the performance of LDPC and turbo codes. More details about the syllabus, grading policy can found in the course webpage

Channel codes, Classical and Modern by W. Ryan and S. Lin.
Iterative Error Correction by S. Johnson

Modern coding theory by R. Urbanke and T. Richardson

Course topics.

Grading policy (Tentative)

40% Projects, 10% Miniquizzes+assignments, 20% Midsem, 30% Finals.

Midsem TBD
Endsem 19 Nov 2015