This is an introductory course on information theory. I will be covering most of chapters 2-5, 9-10 and a few additional topics from chapters 10,15 of the book Elements of Information Theory (2nd ed.) by Cover and Thomas.

Prerequisites: EE3110 or an equivalent course on probability.
See here for a previous offering of this course with a different course number.

Textbook: Elements of Information Theory (2nd ed.) T. M. Cover and J. A. Thomas.

Course topics.

Grading policy (Tentative)

5% Homework+scribing, 5-10% Project, 10% Miniquizzes, 25-30% Midsem, 50% Endsem.

Midsem 01 Oct 2019
Endsem 16 Nov 2019 (as per Institute calender)