This is a graduate course on linear algebra. I will be covering the first six chapters of the book Linear Algebra by Friedberg, Insel and Spence. Along the course I will indicate some of the applications but we will not be studying them in great detail. The lecture schedule and contents of a previous offering of this course is available here

Textbook: Linear Algebra, 4th Ed. by Friedberg, Insel and Spence

Course topics.

Grading policy (Tentative)
5% Homework+scribing, 5% Miniquizzes, Project 10%, 30% Mid sem, 50% End sem.

Exam schedule
Midsem 24/25th Sep (Tentative)
Endsem 24th Nov (as per Institute schedule)

LaTeX files for scribing
lecture-xy-keyword.tex and xy.tex. Sample output looks like this
Naming convention: For lecture number xy use lecture-xy-keyword.tex (just use one key word from the title) as the main file and let the entire scribe notes be in the file xy.tex. Number lectures as below. If the latex commands/packages are not sufficient, then add them in the preamble of lecture-xy-keyword.tex