Current Semester

In Jan-May 2017, I am teaching EE5332 - Mapping DSP Algorithms to Architectures, and EE5703 - VLSI Design Lab. As an experiment, the lab is being run in parallel with the class, with assignments relevant to the class. Lab assignments will be put up at the EE5703 page.

Previously taught

In previous semesters, I have taught:

  • EE5311 Digital IC Design (Aug 2016): video lectures (unedited) on Youtube: EE5311 Lecture Videos 2016 EE5311 Lecture Videos 2015
  • EE5332 Mapping DSP Algorithms to Architectures (co-taught with Dr. C. P. Ravikumar of Texas Instruments India)
  • EE5703 VLSI Design Lab (Jan-May 2016)
  • EE5311 Digital IC Design (also known as EC5134 and EE540)
  • EE4371 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • EE6361 Advanced Topics in VLSI (as coordinator)
  • ID3020 Assistive Devices (portions on embedded systems)
  • EE5703 VLSI Lab (also known as EE5480, EE4705, EE4230 etc….)