Current Semester

I am on sabbatical at Purdue University until Summer 2018.

Previously taught

In previous semesters, I have taught:

  • EE5703 This is the lab corresponding to the course EE5332 Mapping DSP Algorithms to Architectures. These were taught as a combined unit in Jan 2017, and the lab exercises are available at the link here.
  • EE5311 Digital IC Design (Aug 2016): video lectures (unedited) on Youtube: EE5311 Lecture Videos 2016 EE5311 Lecture Videos 2015
  • EE5332 Mapping DSP Algorithms to Architectures (co-taught with Dr. C. P. Ravikumar of Texas Instruments India)
  • EE5703 VLSI Design Lab (Jan-May 2016)
  • EE5311 Digital IC Design (also known as EC5134 and EE540)
  • EE4371 Data Structures and Algorithms
  • EE6361 Advanced Topics in VLSI (as coordinator)
  • ID3020 Assistive Devices (portions on embedded systems)
  • EE5703 VLSI Lab (also known as EE5480, EE4705, EE4230 etc….)