Welcome to Karyasthala

Karyasthala in sanskrit means work space. I have a penchant for sanskrit names. Infact, I tend to search for a sanskrit name whenever I need to name a new product of mine. This website is my workspace where I keep a track of all the work I do. I am from Vishakhaptnam in Andhra Pradesh, but haven't been there for cumulatively more than 1 year. I have geographically taken a U turn from my childhood. I was born in Bangalore, moved to Varanasi, then to Bhubaneshwar, then finally to Hyderabad. When free, I read books, especially fiction, make paper models, carve on chalk pieces, watch Shin chan on Hungama and play badminton. I like listening to classic and melody songs but sometimes I do listen to mild rock. I like playing RTS games, especially Command And Conquer.

After four years in the pristine campus of IIT Madras, I am moving from one place of learning to another. I will be joining Carnegie Mellon University as a graduate student in the ECE department.


You can find my projects here. You will find some code snippets I wrote in C and Python and also, some circuits I built.


I do 3D animation in Autodesk © 3DS-MAX and some basic 2D animation in Adobe © Flash. I have mostly done modelling in 3DS-MAX. You can find some of my works in this link


In case you are interested to find out my curricular activities, go to this link. You can also download my resume from here.

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