Trajectory based Order Reduction’s documentation

Trajectory based Piecewise Linearization followed by Model Order Reduction, is a Dual Degree Project in the Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Madras. This site intends to document the progress of the project and provide frame-work necessary to continue the work.


The source code for the project is available on git-hub.

Parametric Variation

Threshold voltage is process dependent. Thereby arises the need to verify the validity of TPWL under such circumstances. Presented here are the various models checked under this premise.


The MOR done here comes with its set of limitations. They have been enlisted in this section.

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Thesis submitted to Electrical Engineering Department, IIT Madras.

Final presentation made on June 14, 2013.

Recent presentation made on the status quo of the project.

The psuedo code followed by the program.

Results obtained from TPWL-MOR on a non-linear transmission line model.


The work done in this project is based on the ideas discussed in the Ph.D thesis of Micheal Jerzy Rewienski, MIT.