Research Guidance

1 K. SyamPrasad M.S. Distributed High Temperature Sensing Using Fiber Bragg Gratings (2007)
2 V. VenkateshM.S.Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (2008)
3 Rajesh J. JosephM.S.Correlation Between Growth And Decay of Fiber Bragg Gratings (2009)
4 P. Latsa BabuM.S.Characterization of Atmospheric Effects on Laser Beam Prop. (2009)
5 L. Bharath KumarM.S.Dist. Temperature Sensing Using Raman Scattering in Opt.Fibers (2010)
6 A.V. Harish M.S. FBG-Based Dynamic Interrogator for Elastic Wave Sensing (2012)
7 A.N. BharathwajM.S.Investigation of Light Scattering Profiles for Static Optical Fiber-Based Solar Light Collector (2013)
8 Anish Bekal Ph.D.Investigation of Pulse Instability in Active Modelocked Fiber Laser(2013)
9 Yusuf Panbiharwala M.S. Power Scaling in High Power Pulsed Fiber Lasers (2014)
10 R. Rajkumar M.S. Bragg Grating Sensors in Polymer Fibers (2015)
11 Romita Chaudhari M.S. Fourier Domain Modelocked Fiber Lasers (2015)
12 P.P. Prasanth M.S. Correlation Coded Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis (2016)
13 Pabitro Ray M.S. Defect Identification using Lamb Wave Modes (2017)
14 Shivani Tiwari M.S. Fiber Fabry-Perot Filters for Absorption Spectroscopy (2017, Expected)
15 Shahna Haneef Ph.D. Simultaneous Strain/Temperature Distributed Sensing (2017, Expected)
16 Somepalli Bhargav Ph.D. Long Range Dynamic Strain Sensing using BOCDA (2017, Expected)
17 K. Srijith Ph.D. Incipient Monitoring in Transformers using acoustic sensing (2017, Expected)
18 Manas Srivastava Ph.D. All-Optical Clock Recovery (2018, Expected)
19 P. SrinivasPh.D. Amplification of Vortex Beams in Fibers (2019, Expected)
20 P. Yusuf Ph.D. Circumventing Thermal Mode Instability in Fiber Lasers (2019, Expected)
21 H. SumaPh.D.Onset of Combustion Instability using Fiber Optic Sensors (2019, Expected)
22 T. JagadeeshwarPh.D.Structural Health Monitoring based on Feature Guided Waves (2020,Expected)