Title Funding Agency
Multi-Channel Dynamic Interrogator Based on Fabry-Perot FBGs for Elastic Wave Sensing (PI) BRNS
Investigation of Phase Distortion due to Thermal Mode Instability in High Energy Fiber Amplifier (PI) AOARD
Underwater Laser Communications (PI) DRDO


Title Funding Agency
Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Development (PI) Aishwarya Telecom
Advanced All-Fiber Devices (PI) IIT-M
Distributed Temperature Sensing using Fiber Bragg Gratings (PI) BHEL
Unified Approach for Long Term Thermal Stability of Fiber Bragg Gratings (PI) DIT
Broadband Source Generation Using Speciality Fibers – Feasibility Study (co-PI) RCI
Quantum Key Distribution: Implementation and Testing (co-PI) DST
Fibre Interferometry for Optical Metrology (co-PI) DST
Development of a Laser Tracker (co-PI) RCI
Polymer-Based Evanescent Wave Sensors (co-PI) DST
Distributed Strain and Temperature Sensors Using Inelastic Scattering in Optical Fibers (PI) DIT
Fiber-Based Dynamic Interrogation Monitor for Vibration Sensing (PI) IGCAR
Diode-Pumped Compact KiloWatt-Level Pulsed Fiber Lasers (PI) DRDO
Fiber Optic Current Sensor (PI) ERDA
Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors in Polymer Fibers (PI) DST
National Photonics Fellowship (co-PI) DIT
Study of Reliability Issues in Pulsed High Power Fiber Lasers (PI) IRDE
Development of a Fiber-Based Dynamic Interrogator for Vibration Sensing (PI) GTRE
Design and Development of Thulium-doped fiber lasers for the mid-IR (co-PI) DRDO
Identification of Incipient Discharges in Transformer by Elastic Wave Sensing Based on FBGs (PI) CPRI