Error Control Coding (EE512) Recorded Lectures

Teacher: Dr. Andrew Thangaraj

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Lectures on Linear Block Codes

02-01-2008 Introduction to Coding Theory, Linear Block Codes, Generator Matrices. (Notes)
03-01-2008 Linear Block Codes, Parity check matrices, Vector Space view of codes, Dual codes. (Notes)
04-01-2008 Dual Codes, Self-orthogonal and Self-Dual codes, Examples of dual codes, Relation between parity-check matrix and dual code. (Notes)
09-01-2008 Minimum Distance Decoder, Hamming Distance, Error Correcting Capability of codes, Graphical View of Decoding. (Notes)
10-01-2008 Syndrome Decoder, Relationship between Minimum distance and Parity-Check Matrix. (Notes)
11-01-2008 Construction of Codes with d=3, Hamming Codes, Extending codes, Puncturing Codes. (Notes)
16-01-2008 Shortening codes, Hamming bound, Singleton bound, Gilbert-Varshamov bound, Introduction to finite fields. (Notes)

Lectures on Finite Fields

17-01-2008 Groups, Order of group elements, Fermat's Little theorem, Finite fields, Polynomials over fields, Polynomial Division. (Notes)
18-01-2008 Polynomial factorisation over a field, Irreducible polynomials, Existence and construction of codes of a given size. (Notes)
23-01-2008 Examples of finite field construction, Power notation, primitives and primitive polynomials.

Lectures on Codes over Finite Fields (BCH and RS codes)

30-01-2008 BCH codes, Construction of BCH codes for given minimum distance, Vandermonde matrices, BCH bound. (Notes)
31-01-2008 Properties of BCH codes (cyclic), Their representation as polynomials, Minimum polynomials. (Notes)
01-02-2008 Minimum polynomials, their construction and properties, Their connection with cyclic codes, Generator polynomial of a cyclic code.
06-02-2008 Dimension of BCH codes, Examples of BCH codes, Systematic encoding, Syndrome decoding for BCH codes, Error Locators.
07-02-2008 Reed-Solomon(RS) Codes, Dimension, Definition of distance, weight in GF(2^m), Generator polynomial, Minimum distance and binary expansion of RS codes. (Notes)
08-02-2008 Reed-Solomon(RS) Codes: Decoding overview, PGZ decoder for RS codes. (Notes)
13-02-2008 Tutorial Class.
20-02-2008 Quiz 1.

Lectures on Coding Over AWGN channels

21-02-2008 AWGN channels, Coding gain, Encoding and decoding in AWGN channels. (Notes)
22-02-2008 Bitwise MAP Decoder, Likelihood ratios, LLRs. Lecture not uploaded due to recording problems.
27-02-2008 ML and Map decoding for Repetition codes, Probability of decoding error, Channel Capacity, Capacity for various schemes, Eb/No, Coding Gain. (Notes)
28-02-2008 Coding gain performances of previously studied codes, Proof of capacity and random codes, Low-Density Parity check(LDPC) codes, Regular LDPC codes, Gallager construction of LDPC codes. (Notes)
29-02-2008 Socket construction of regular LDPC codes, Tanner Graphs, Neighbourhoods and cycles in graphs. (Notes)
05-03-2008 Gallager A decoding algorithm for LDPC codes and its analysis, LDPC Threshold. (Notes)
06-03-2008 Simulation of Gallager decoding, Neighbourhood view of Gallager A decoding algorithm.
07-03-2008 Irregular LDPC codes, Node and edge perspective. (Notes)
12-03-2008 Gallager-A decoder on irregular LDPC codes, Degree optimisation to achieve higher thresholds.
13-03-2008 Soft-decision Message Passing Decoder for AWGN channels. (Notes)
14-03-2008 Soft-decision Message Passing Decoder for AWGN channels--contd., Density evolution for for AWGN channels.
19-03-2008 Density evolution for for AWGN channels, Summary of LDPC codes.
20-03-2008 Convolutional codes- Feedforward Convolutional Encoder, Trellis Representation. (Notes)
27-03-2008 Viterbi Decoder for convolutional codes.
28-03-2008 Viterbi Decoder Contd., Recursive convolutional encoders.
02-04-2008 Recursive convolutional encoders, Puncturing, Turbo encoders.ex
03-04-2008 Turbo Encoders, Turbo Decoders.
09-04-2008 Free distance of convolutional codes, Trellises for block codes, Code concatenation.
10-04-2008 Tutorial: Miscellaneous problem set.
11-04-2008 Tutorial: Miscellaneous problem set..Contd.