Digital Communication Systems (EE419) Recorded Lectures

Teacher: Dr. Andrew Thangaraj

Click on the dates for streamed videos from youtube. The "Notes" link contains a pdf file.

29/7/2008 Introduction Class. Notes
30/7/2008 Preliminaries For The Course. Notes
31/7/2008 Review of Fourier Transform properties, Quadrature Amplitude Modulation, Nyquist Sampling Theorem. Notes
04/8/2008 Review of Discrete Sequences, DTFT, ZT, Folded Spectrum, Random Variables and Processes. Notes
05/8/2008 Random Processes, Stationarity (SSS,WSS), Power Spectral Density, Filtering a WSS Random Process, Sampling a CT Random Process, PAM Process. Notes
06/8/2008 Vector Channel, Gram-Schmidt Orthonormalisation, Conversion of waveform channel model to Vector model . Notes
07/8/2008 Vector modelling of modulation schemes-BPSK, FSK . Notes
11/8/2008 Vector modelling of modulation schemes(Contd)-4-PAM, MPAM . Notes
12/8/2008 MPAM, QPSK, M-PSK, M2-QAM, . Notes
13/8/2008 MAP and ML Detection. Notes
14/8/2008 Minimum Distance Detector, Decision Regions, Examples of Decision Regions,Probability of Error. Notes
18/8/2008 Error Probability for Various Modulation Schemes-PAM, QAM. Notes
19/8/2008 M^2-PSK Vs M^2-QAM,Gray Coding,Symbol Errors Vs Bit Errors, Summary of Ideal AWGN Transmission. Notes
20/8/2008 Bandlimited Channel-Transmission at low symbol rates, Nyquist ISI Criteria. Notes
21/8/2008 Transmission when T=1/W using sinc waves, Transmission when 1/T Notes
25/8/2008 Capacity of AWGN channel in terms of SNR and Eb/No. Notes
02/09/2008 Communication over Non-Ideal Channels. Notes
03/09/2008 Heuristic Minimum distance Receiver for Non-ideal channels. Notes
04/09/2008 Spectral factorisation, Orthonormal basis for signals, Decomposition of signal in terms of basis functions. Notes
09/09/2008 Discrete-time ISI AWGN model with an example. Notes
10/09/2008 Maximum-likelihood Sequence Detection-Viterbi algorithm, Trellis description. Notes
11/09/2008 MLSD-continued, Branch metrics, survivor paths,State metric, Summary of the Viterbi algorithm. Notes
15/09/2008 An example of Viterbi algorithm, Implementation issues in Viterbi algorithm. Notes
17/09/2008 Computational complexity and Probability of sequence error for MLSD, Error events, Soft detector for ISI-BCJR algorithm. Notes
18/09/2008 Equalisation, Figure of Merit, Bounds on Figure of Merit-Matched Filter bound,MLSD bound, Zero Forcing Linear equaliser, Zero forcing-Decision Feedback equaliser. Notes
20/09/2008 Zero-forcing equalisers- contd.,An example for ZFE. Notes
22/09/2008 Figure of Merit comparison between MLSD and ZFE and why ZFE may not be the best solution, Mean-Squared Error. Notes
23/09/2008 MMSE-Linear equaliser, MMSE-DFE, Precursor and postcursor filters. Notes
24/09/2008 Decision-Feedback filters-contd. Notes
25/09/2008 Equalisers-Summary. Notes
29/09/2008 Unbiased MMSE DFE, Constrained Complexity Equalisers. Notes
30/09/2008 Constrained Complexity Equalisers Contd, MSE Gradient Algorithm. Notes
06/10/2008 Stochastic Gradient or LMS algorithm, Adaptive DFEs. Notes
14/10/2008 Quiz discussion and review. Notes
15/10/2008 Fractionally spaced equalisers, Passband equalisers. Notes
16/10/2008 Complete review of PAM recievers. Notes
20/10/2008 BPSK with Root-Raised cosine using band-pass filters. Notes
23/10/2008 Carrier and Timing Synchronisation.PLL, Timing recovery by spectral-line methods,Early-late gate timing recovery,differential encoding. Notes
28/10/2008 OFDM- Multiple-carrier modulation,FDM. Notes
29/10/2008 OFDM-contd:analysis, Receiver description,Using Cyclic prefix to handle ISI. Notes
30/10/2008 OFDM in ISI-contd, Error Control Coding:Introduction. Notes
03/11/2008 Coding gain,Repetition Codes, Soft decoder. Notes
04/11/2008 Linear block codes and examples, Parity-check matrix,Codeword Weight, Minimum Distance. Notes
05/11/2008 Introduction to hard and soft ML decoding. Notes
06/11/2008 Hard ML decoding for BSC-Syndrome Decoding for Linear codes, Error-correcting capability, Convolutional codes, State diagram for trellis. Notes