Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras


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   * [[:​courses:​ee5323:​start|EE5323:​ Advanced Electrical Networks]]   * [[:​courses:​ee5323:​start|EE5323:​ Advanced Electrical Networks]]
   * [[:​courses:​ee534:​start|EE534:​ Active Filter Design]]   * [[:​courses:​ee534:​start|EE534:​ Active Filter Design]]
-  * [[:courses:ee5320_2018:​start|EE5320:​ Analog IC Design]]+  * [[:courses:ee5320_2019:​start|EE5320:​ Analog IC Design]]
   * [[:​courses:​ee5325_2018:​start|EE5325:​ Power Management Integrated Circuits]]   * [[:​courses:​ee5325_2018:​start|EE5325:​ Power Management Integrated Circuits]]
   * EE540: Digital IC Design   * EE540: Digital IC Design