Integrated Circuits and Systems group, IIT Madras


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 [[https://​​7NgWNBcYsndjrwSy6|In class quiz]] [[https://​​7NgWNBcYsndjrwSy6|In class quiz]]
 +Balaji Jayaraman, Derek Leu, Janakiraman Viraraghavan,​ Alberto Cestero, Ming Yin, John Golz, Rajesh R. Tummuru, Ramesh Raghavan, Dan Moy, Thejas Kempanna, Faraz Khan, Toshiaki Kirihata, Subramanian Iyer 80Kb Logic Embedded High-K Charge Trap Transistor based Multi-Time-Programmable Memory with no Added Process Complexity J. Solid State Circuits,​53(3):​ 949-960 (2018) [[https://​​stamp/​stamp.jsp?​tp=&​arnumber=8252917&​tag=1|PDF]]
 +[[http://​​~janakiraman/​courses/​EE6361/​Jan-2019/​material/​eNVRAM_Talk_at_IISc_Sep26_v15.pdf|eNVM Lecture Slides ]]