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 +====== Zigbee Resources ======
 +===== Standard documents =====
 +  - [[http://​​getieee802/​download/​802.15.4-2003.pdf|The Zigbee Standard]] ({{:​802.15.4-2003.pdf|Local copy}})
 +  - {{:​|Zigbee PHY specs}}(postscript file)
 +===== References =====
 +==== CMOS RF design ====
 +[[http://​​search/​searchresult.jsp?​query1=rf+cmos+comes+of+age&​scope1=ti&​op1=and&​query2=&​scope2=metadata&​op2=and&​query3=&​scope3=metadata&​queryText=+%28+rf+cmos+comes+of+age%3Cin%3Eti+%29+&​history=yes&​reqloc=basic&​submit=Run+Search&​queryblock=&​srchlist=publist&​coll1=ieeejrns&​coll2=ieejrns&​coll3=ieeecnfs&​coll4=ieecnfs&​coll5=ieeestds&​coll6=preprint&​coll7=books&​currweek=30-May-2006&​srchyr=allyr&​py1=1950&​py2=2006&​disp=cit&​maxdoc=100&​ResultCount=25&​SortField=Score&​SortOrder=desc|A. A. Abidi, "RF CMOS comes of age," IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 39, pp. 549 - 561, April 2004.]] This paper discusses the development of integrated CMOS radios over the last decade. More than as a technical reference, it is a good overview and contains a list of key references for different stages of the radio.
 +==== Communication Theory ====
 +  - A Classic Tutorial Paper on MSK{{:​msk_pasupathy_1979.pdf|:​IEEE Communication Magazine Paper}}
 +==== LNA Design ====
 +  -  A Wide-band CMOS LNA Exploiting Thermal Noise Canceling{{:​bruccoleri2004.pdf|:​IEEE JSSC Paper}} ​
 +==== Clock and Carrier recovery ====
 +  - Lee and Messerchmitt,​ //Digital Communication//,​ Chapters 16 and 17
 +==== MSK/FSK Demodulation ====
 +  - [[http://​​search/​searchresult.jsp?​SortField=Score&​SortOrder=desc&​ResultCount=25&​maxdoc=100&​coll1=ieeejrns&​coll2=ieejrns&​coll3=ieeecnfs&​coll4=ieecnfs&​coll5=ieeestds&​coll6=preprint&​coll7=books&​srchres=0&​isonlybook=yes&​history=yes&​queryText=%28+an+if+fsk+demodulator+for+bluetooth+%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​oldqrytext=%28+an+if+fsk+demodulator+for+bluetooth+in+0.35+%26%23956%3Bm+cmos%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​imageField.x=0&​imageField.y=0&​imageField=%28+an+if+fsk+demodulator+for+bluetooth+in+0.35+%26%23956%3Bm+cmos%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​radiobutton=cit|H. Darabi, S. Khorram, B. Ibrahim, M. Rofougaran, and A. Rofougaran, "An IF FSK demodulator for bluetooth in 0.35 µm CMOS," 2001 IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, May 2001.]]
 +  - [[http://​​search/​searchresult.jsp?​SortField=Score&​SortOrder=desc&​ResultCount=25&​maxdoc=100&​coll1=ieeejrns&​coll2=ieejrns&​coll3=ieeecnfs&​coll4=ieecnfs&​coll5=ieeestds&​coll6=preprint&​coll7=books&​srchres=10&​isonlybook=yes&​history=yes&​queryText=%28+if+digital+fm+demodulator+%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​oldqrytext=%28+digital+fm+demodulator+%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​imageField.x=0&​imageField.y=0&​imageField=%28+digital+fm+demodulator+%3Cin%3Eti+%29&​radiobutton=cit|J. Park, E. Joe, M-J. Choe, and B-S. Song, “A 5-MHz IF Digital FM Demodulator,​” IEEE J. of Solid-State Circuits, vol. 34, no.1, pp. 3-11, 1999.]]
 +  - [[http://​​iel5/​8920/​33737/​01605433.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1605433&​isnumber=33737|Tai-Cheng Lee; Chin-Chi Chen, "A mixed-signal GFSK demodulator for Bluetooth"​ IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, Volume 53,  Issue 3,  March 2006 Page(s):197 - 201.]]
 +  - [[http://​​search/​searchresult.jsp?​query1=zigbee&​scope1=metadata&​op1=and&​query2=france&​scope2=cs&​op2=and&​query3=&​scope3=metadata&​queryText=%28+%28+zigbee%3Cin%3Emetadata+%29+%3Cand%3E+%28+france%3Cin%3Ecs+%29+%29&​history=yes&​reqloc=basic&​submit=Run+Search&​queryblock=&​srchlist=publist&​coll1=ieeejrns&​coll2=ieejrns&​coll3=ieeecnfs&​coll4=ieecnfs&​coll5=ieeestds&​coll6=preprint&​coll7=books&​currweek=13-Nov-2006&​srchyr=allyr&​py1=1950&​py2=2006&​disp=cit&​maxdoc=100&​ResultCount=25&​SortField=Score&​SortOrder=desc| Dehaese, N.; Bourdel, S.; Barthelemy, H.; Bas, G., "​Simple demodulator for 802.15.4 low-cost receivers"​ Radio and Wireless Symposium, 2006 IEEE 17-19 Jan. 2006 Page(s):315 - 318 ]]
 +  - [[http://​​search/​searchresult.jsp?​query1=a+novel+digital+fm+receiver+for+mobile+and+personal+communication&​scope1=ti&​op1=and&​query2=&​scope2=metadata&​op2=and&​query3=&​scope3=metadata&​queryText=+%28+a+novel+digital+fm+receiver+for+mobile+and+personal+communication%3Cin%3Eti+%29+&​history=yes&​reqloc=basic&​submit=Run+Search&​queryblock=&​srchlist=publist&​coll1=ieeejrns&​coll2=ieejrns&​coll3=ieeecnfs&​coll4=ieecnfs&​coll5=ieeestds&​coll6=preprint&​coll7=books&​currweek=13-Nov-2006&​srchyr=allyr&​py1=1950&​py2=2006&​disp=cit&​maxdoc=100&​ResultCount=25&​SortField=Score&​SortOrder=desc| Kwon, H.M.; Kwang Bok Lee, "A novel digital FM receiver for mobile and personal communications",​ IEEE Transactions on Communications,​ Volume 44,  Issue 11,  Nov. 1996 Page(s):​1466 - 1476 ]]
 +==== Power Amplifiers ====
 +== Class-AB ==
 +  -  Low power amplifier [[http://​​iel5/​9255/​29375/​01329027.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1329027&​isnumber=29375|
 +Y. H. Chee, J. Rabaey, A.M. Niknejad, "A class A/B low power amplifier for wireless sensor networks",​ Proceedings of the 2004 International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 2004. ISCAS '04, Volume 4, 23-26 May 2004 Page(s):IV - 409-12 Vol.4]]
 +== Class-E ==
 +  -  Class E Amplifier [[http://​​iel5/​4/​22542/​01050582.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1050582&​isnumber=22542|
 +Nathan O. Sokal and Alan D. Sokal, "Class E - A New Class of High-Efficiency Tuned Single-Ended Switching Power Amplifiers",​ IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, VOL. SC-10, No. 3, June 1975]]
 +  -  Extension of Sokal'​s work [[http://​​iel5/​31/​23464/​01084296.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1084296&​isnumber=23464|
 +Frederick H. Raab, "​Idealized Operation of the Class E Tuned Power Amplifier",​ IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, VOL. CAS-24, No. 12, December 1977]]
 +  -  Generalised Design Equations for Class-E amplifiers with finite DC feed inductance [[http://​​iel5/​4057701/​4057702/​04058071.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=4058071&​isnumber=4057702|
 +Mustafa Acar, Anne Johan Annema and Bram Nauta, "​Generalized Design Equations for Class-E Power Amplifiers with Finite DC Feed Inductance",​ 36th European Microwave Conference, 2006]]
 +  -  A 5-part series on RF Power amplifiers and Transmitter Technologies,​ by various authors, published in //High Frequency Electronics//​ [[http://​​products/​amplifiers/​default.aspx|
 +Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovic, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic, and Nathan O. Sokal, "RF and Microwave Power Amplifier and Transmitter Technologies",​ May 2003 - January 2004]]
 +  - A condensed version of the above 5-part series [[http://​​iel5/​22/​21335/​00989965.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=989965&​isnumber=21335|
 +Frederick H. Raab, Peter Asbeck, Steve Cripps, Peter B. Kenington, Zoya B. Popovic, Nick Pothecary, John F. Sevic, and Nathan O. Sokal, "Power Amplifiers and Transmitters for RF and Microwave",​ Invited Paper, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, VOL. 50, No. 3, March 2002]]
 +==== Antennas ====
 +  -  The Bible [[http://​​iel6/​8234/​25612/​01142523.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1142523&​isnumber=25612|Keith R. Carver and James W. Mink, "​Microstrip Antenna Technology",​ IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,​ vol 29, issue 1, Jan 1981, p 2-24]]
 +  -  Bandwidth improvement using impedance-matching [[http://​​iel4/​8/​1669/​00043553.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=43553&​isnumber=1669]]
 +  -  Gap-coupled compact antenna [[http://​​iel5/​11208/​36089/​01711430.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=1711430&​isnumber=36089]]
 +  -  Double U-slot antenna [[http://​​iel5/​7734/​21230/​00985521.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=985521&​isnumber=21230|H.M. Chen and Y.F. Lin, "​Experimental and simulation studies of the probe-fed double U-slot rectangular microstrip antenna",​ Microwave Conference, 2001. APMC 2001. 2001 Asia-Pacific,​ vol 2, Dec 2001, p 914-917]]
 +  -  [[http://​​iel5/​8/​19133/​00884481.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=884481&​isnumber=19133|Jia-Yi Sze and Kin-Lu Wong, "​Slotted rectangular microstrip antenna for bandwidth enhancement",​ IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,​ vol 48, issue 8, Aug 2000, p 1149-1152]]
 +  -  Slotted antenna for bandwidth improvement [[http://​​iel4/​2220/​15950/​00739574.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=739574&​isnumber=15950|Jia-Yi Sze and Kin-Lu Wong, "​Broadband rectangular microstrip antenna with pair of toothbrush-shaped slots",​ Electronics Letters, vol 34, issue 23, Nov. 1998, p 2186-2187]]
 +  -  E-shape antenna suited for thick air substrates [[http://​​iel5/​8/​20202/​00933489.pdf?​tp=&​arnumber=933489&​isnumber=20202|F. Yang, Xue-Xia Zhang, Ye Xiaoning and Y. Rahmat-Samii,​ "​Wide-band E-shaped patch antennas for wireless communications",​ IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation,​ vol 49, issue 7, July 2001, p 1094-1100]]
 +===== Papers Discussing Transceiver Implementations =====
 +  -  Ilku Nam et al., {{:​zigbee_full_kaist_april07.pdf|"​A 2.4-GHz Low-Power Low-IF Receiver and Direct-Conversion Transmitter in 0.18-um CMOS for IEEE 802.15.4 WPAN Applications"​}} ​ IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, VOL. 55, NO. 4, APRIL 2007
 +  - Nam-Jin Oh  et al., {{:​2.4g_zigbee_trsvr.pdf|"​Derivation of specs for a 2.4-GHz radio transceiver using IEEE 802.15.4,"​}} ​ Circuits and Devices Magazine, IEEE, Volume: 21,  Issue: 6, Jan.-Feb. 2006.
 +  - KLUGE et al., {{:​mtech2006:​04014617.pdf|"​A FULLY INTEGRATED 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4-COMPLIANT TRANSCEIVER FOR ZigBee APPLICATIONS"​}},​ IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 41, NO. 12, DECEMBER 2006. ({{:​mtech2006:​01696197.pdf|ISSCC paper}}, {{:​mtech2006:​V20_06.ppt|ISSCC slides}})
 +  - Cook B. W. et al., {{:​mtech2006:​04014606.pdf|"​An Ultra-Low Power 2.4GHz RF Transceiver for Wireless Sensor Networks in 0.13/spl mu/m CMOS with 400mV Supply and an Integrated ​