VLSI group IIT Madras-Video lectures

VLSI group, IIT Madras-Video lectures

Welcome to the video lectures page of the VLSI group of the Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Madras. You can find recorded lectures from our courses at the links below. For recordings of our other courses or presentations, choose from the menu bar above.

2017 Texas Instruments Research Associateships at IIT Madras

  • Applications to the Texas Instruments research associateship program leading to an MS degree at IIT Madras will open between 27th March and 7th April 2017. Information about this program can be found at this link. Starting this year, students who have written GATE IN(instrumentation) paper will also be eligible.


Most recent editions of the courses are shown here. To see older versions, click here.

  • EE1001: Electrical and Magnetic Circuits
  • EE2019: Analog Systems and Laboratory
  • EE3002: Analog Circuits/EE5310: Analog Electronic Circuits
  • EE5340: Active Filter Design
  • EE5320: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • EE5383: Advanced Electrical Networks
  • EE6320: RF Integrated Circuits
  • EE6323: Wireless System Design
  • EE6580: VLSI Data Conversion Circuits
  • EE6322: VLSI Broadband Communication Circuits
  • EE6324: Phase-Locked Loops