Current Projects

Title Funding Agency Contact
Quantum Key Distribution UAY (MHRD, QuNu Labs) Anil
Free Space Communications IMRPINT (MHRD) Anil
Picosecond lasers for cataract surgery BIPP (DBT-BIRAC) Anil
Coherent beam combining DRDO Balaji
Coherent beam combining IMPRINT Balaji
Multi-Channel Dynamic Interrogator Based on Fabry-Perot FBGs for Elastic Wave Sensing BRNS Balaji
Distributed sensing of strain/temperature with bend insensitive fibers using Brillouin scattering Sterlite Technologies Balaji
Mitigation of Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) for power scaling of narrow linewidth fiber amplifiers SPARC Balaji
Phase Sensitive Amplification DSTDeepa
Mode division multiplexing with Few Mode FibersMeitYDeepa
Mode Locked Lasers in 2 micron wavelengthUAY/UnilumenDeepa
2 micron lasers for GW detectorsLIGO-IndiaDeepa
Radio over fiber for analog wireless and Radar systemsDRDODeepa
Optical signal processing Deepa
Optical communication with spatial modes of light BRICS, DST Shanti
NNetra DST/MeitY Shanti
Super resolution microscopy for Point-of-Care cancer diagnosisDSTShanti
Optical levers for GW detectorsLIGO-IndiaShanti
Microwave Inverse Scattering for Breast Cancer DetectionSERB, DSTUday
Soil Moisture Retrieval from Airborne Synthetic Aperture RadarSAC, ISROUday