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Head of the Department
Prof. Ravinder David Koilpillai
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S.NoNamePhoneEmailArea of specialization
1Abhishek Sinha4410abhishek.sinhaNetwork Control, Information Theory, Optimization, and Learning theory
2Amitava DasGupta4416adgSemiconductor Device Modelling, MEMS
3Ananth Krishnan4451ananthkPlasmonics, Metamaterials, Microscopy, Nanophotonics
4Anbarasu M4412anbarasuNon-volatile memory, Phase change memory, novel selector devices, Chalcogenide-based phase change materials for electrical, optical and optoelectronic applications.
5Andrew Thangaraj4424andrewError Control coding, Information and Theoretic Aspects of Cryptography
6Anil Prabhakar4425anilprQuantum optics, Magnonics, Assistive technologies.
7Aniruddhan S4468aniAnalog and RF IC design
8Anjan Chakravorty4460anjanCompact modeling of SiGe HBTs, LDMOS Devices, Spiral on-chip Inductors, Computational modeling of Nano Devices.
9Aravind R4417aravindVoice and Video Coding, Telecom Application of Signal Processing.
10Arun D Mahindrakar4445arun_dmNonlinear Control with application to Robotics
11Arun Karuppaswamy B4449akpGrid-Connected inverters, SMPC and Power electronics
12Arun Pachai Kannu4463arunpachaiInformation theory, Estimation theory, Wireless communications.
13Ashok Jhunjhunwala4408ashokOptical communication,Computer networks,Wireless communication.
14Avhishek Chatterjee4452avhishekMathematics of stochastic networks: analysis, design, and inference. Application areas: communication (wireless) and social networks, crowdsourcing, and noisy computing
15Balaji Srinivasan4426balajisThermal stability of fiber, High power fiber amplifiers, Brillouin scattering.
16Bhallamudi Vidya sensing and computation, Optically detected magnetic resonance, Single photon sources, Magnetic resonance and Magnonics
17Bharath Bhikkaji4455bharathSystem identification, Modelling and Control of resonant systems, Vibration control of active structures, Actuation of Mechatronic Systems.
18Bhaskar Ramamurthi4403bhaskarModulation and coding for Mobile Communications, Wireless Communication Networks, Design and implementation of wireless local loop systems
19Bhaswar Chakrabarti4452bchakrabartiMicroelectronics, emerging materials and nano-scale devices for information processing and storage
20Bijoy Krishna Das4459bkdasSilicon Photonics & Nanoscale Devices
21Boby George4465bobyCapacitive sensors, Direct digital converters for sensors, Proximity sensors, Sensors for Automotive and Transportation Applications, Biomedical Instrumentation.
22Christopher4488chrisAntenna and Radar Systems
23Debdutta Ray4479drayOrganic semiconductor devices.
24Deepa Venkitesh4466deepaNonlinear effects in optical fibers,Fiber lasers,Optical signal processing.
25Deleep R Nair4471deleepMicroelectronics and MEMS
26Devendra Jalihal4418djStatistical Signal Processing, Detection and Estimation Theory, Digital Communication
27Enakshi Bhattacharya4419enakshiMicroelectronics, Biosensors and MEMS
28Gaurav Raina4453gauravPerformance modeling of communication networks, Control theory and non-linear systems, Mobile payments
29Giridhar K4420giriSignal Processing for Wireless Communications, Custom Air-interface Designs for Broadband Access and/or Strategic Communications
30Harishankar Ramachandran4421hsrNonlinear Problems in RF and Optics, Plasma Physics, Computational E&M, Optical Communication
31Jagadeesh Kumar Varadarajan4406vjkumarNon-invasive techniques for rotor fault detection fo three-phase quirrel-cage induction motor, Novel Differential Capacitive Sensors ? Signal Conditioning and Design.
32Janakiraman Viraraghavan4485janakiramanMachine Learning Algorithms on Hardware, Statistical Analysis in VLSI
33Kalyan Kumar B4446bkalyanPower system modeling, Power system dynamics, Wind generation system, Power quality, Flexible AC transmission devices (FACTS).
34Kamalesh Hatua4475kamaleshPower electronics and motor drives
35Kaushik Mitra4411kmitraComputational Photography, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
36Krishna Jagannathan4469krishnajStochastic modeling and analysis of communication networks, Transportation networks, Network control, and Queuing theory.
37Krishna S4448krishnasPower Systems, Power Electronics & High Voltage
38Krishna Vasudevan4428krishnaPower Electronics, Drives and Applications to Renewables
39Lakshminarasamma N4462lakshminPower Electronics and drives, Switched Mode Power converters and Resonant converters
40Mahesh Kumar4429maheshPower Systems, Power Electronics & High Voltage
41Manivasakan Rathinam4430rmaniStatistical Modelling in Telecommunications networks, Broadband teletrafic Modelling, Design of parallel scheduling algorithms for high speed switches
42Mathiazhagan C4431mathiMicroelectronics, VLSI
43Mohanasankar S4454mohanControl and Instrumentation
44Nagendra Krishnapura4444nagendraMicroelectronics, VLSI, MEMS
45Nandita DasGupta4422nandMicroelectronics, VLSI, MEMS
46Nitin Chandrachoodan4432nitinMicroelectronics, VLSI, MEMS
47Pradeep Sarvepalli4473pradeepQuantum Information, Coding theory, Quantum cryptography, Algorithms
48Puduru Viswanadha Reddy4486vishwaControl theory, Game theory, Multi-agent systems
49Qadeer Ahmad Khan4484qkhanPower Management Circuits and Systems for VLSI, Switching and Linear DC-DC Converters, Energy Harvesting for IoT, Battery Chargers, LED Drivers, Motor Drivers
50Rachel Kalpana Kalaimani4487rachelSystems theory and control, Energy systems
51Radhakrishna Ganti4467rgantiCommunication
52Rajagopalan A. N4433rajuImage Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
53Ramakrishna Pasumarthy4470ramkrishnaEE4 - Control and Instrumentation
54Ramalingam C. S4434csrSignal Processing, Speech Coding, Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis
55Ravinder David Koilpillai4405koilpillaiCommunication & Digital Signal Processing
56Sarathi R4436sarathiHigh Voltage and Insulation Engineering
57Saurabh Saxena4457saurabh.saxena
58Shanthi Pavan4437shanthiMicroelectronics, VLSI, MEMS
59Shanti Bhattacharya4438shantiOptical MEMS, Diffractive Optics and Fibre Interferometry
60Shanti Swarup K4440swarupPower Systems, Energy Management Systems / SCADA, Automation/Protection, Deregulation / Restructuring, Smart Grid - Dynamic Demand Response and Control
61Sheetal Kalyani4474skalyaniEstimation theory, Special Functions, Robust statistics, Decision Theory, Extreme value theory, Statistical Signal Processing
62Shreepad Karmalkar4409karmalSemiconductor devices, Nanotechnology, Education.
63Soumya Dutta4472s.duttaMicrolectronics, Organic Electronics
64Sridharan K4423sridharaRobotics, FPGA-based Design, Nanoelectronics
65Srikrishna Bhashyam4439skrishnaCommunication & Digital Signal Processing
66Srirama Srinivas4447srsrini12Power Systems, Power Electronics & High Voltage
67Uday Khankhoje4450udayComputational Electromagnetics, Signal Processing in Electromagnetics, Inverse problems, Remote Sensing
68Umesh S4461umeshsSpeech Signal Processing
69Venkatesh Ramaiyan4464rvenkatCommunication Networks
70Venkatesh T. G4441tgvenkyStochastic Modelling, Computer Networks, Multimedia applications using the Java Media Framework Computer Architecture
71Vinita Vasudevan4442vinita
S.NoNamePhoneEmailArea of specializationDesignation/Fellowship
72Dr. J.Klutto MillethAdjunct faculty
73Dr. Mahesh IllindalaVisitng faculty
74Dr. Mansi Sharma4463mansisharmaINSPIRE fellow
75Dr. Subhas MukhopadhyayVisitng faculty
77Pramitha V4477pvDiffractive Optics, Nano-photonics, Holography, Optical TweezersINSPIRE fellow
78Rajeswaran G4483Professor of Practice
79Ramya Balachandran4482bramyaImage-Guided Surgery, Medical Image Processing, Surgical Navigation.Ramalingaswami Fellow
80Ravikumar CPravikumarEmbedded Systems, VLSI Test, VLSI Design Automation, and High Performance ComputingAdjunct Faculty
81Ravishankar AVLSIAdjunct Faculty