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August 16, 2019 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Date: 16.08.2019

Time: 3 PM

Venue: ESB 246C

Speaker: Bheemavarapu Lalitha Pratyusha (EE16S005)

Guide: Dr. Mohanasankar Sivaprakasam

GTC Members :

Dr. Sridharan K (Chairperson)

Dr. Arun Pachai Kannu (M)

Dr. Ramasubba Reddy (AM)



The early diagnosis of abnormal medical conditions is extremely important for carrying out prompt and suitable treatment procedures. Especially in low-income group countries, there is a high need for the development of diagnostic technologies that are easily accessible to individuals. The point-of-care diagnostic technology (POC) plays a vital role here, aiming for the rapid detection of diseases. One of the predominant POC diagnostic tools includes the lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) technology. The quantitative LFIA technology forms a viable alternative to the traditional laboratory-based diagnostic procedures which tend to be time-consuming and demand sophisticated infrastructure.

In this talk, the design of an image-based multi-channel LFIA reader will be discussed. The system performs simultaneous analysis of four LFIA test cartridges. Most of the image-based systems currently available in the market provide either qualitative (yes /no results) or semi-quantitative analysis of the test samples. On the contrary, the designed system provides a complete quantitative estimate of the samples under test and adopts the principle of fluorescence imaging. The hardware architecture of the developed system along with the automated image processing algorithms and calibration methodology adopted for analysis of the test cartridges will be presented. While discussing the salient results, the challenges and future modifications will also be presented. The multi-channel LFIA reader forms a simple, rugged system requiring minimal human intervention. The designed system contributes towards the automation in the field of POC diagnostics when integrated with intelligent, automated liquid handling systems.

An image-based visualization algorithm assisting the LFIA kit manufacturers towards the development of high-performance test cartridges is as well developed. The designed algorithm provides a practical analysis of the sample flow. The tool continuously monitors the reaction of sample analyte at the test and control lines and the user is updated with the reaction progress. The algorithm also detects the presence of any abnormalities in the test membrane. The practical evaluation of the algorithm is done with HbA1C and vitamin-D test cartridges and the corresponding results will be discussed.


All are cordially invited.


August 16, 2019
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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