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Experimental Studies of Diffusion Doped PIN Waveguides for Integrated Silicon Photonics Circuits

July 17, 2017 @ 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Date:17th July, 2017

Time: 3:00 pm

Venue:ESB 244

Speaker: Sreevatsa K.R.(EE13S067)

Guide: Dr. Bijoy K Das

GTC Members :

Dr. Harishankar Ramachandran (Chairperson)

Dr. Deleep R Nair (M)

Dr. Manu Jaiswal (M)(Phy)

ABSTRACT: Various designs of p-i-n diodes are widely used in integrated silicon photonic circuit for
electro-optic reconfiguration, modulation and detection. The injected/depleted free carriers (electrons
and holes) in the waveguide core (intrinsic region) results into a change in effective refractive index
of guided mode, which is the key for an electro-optic control of silicon photonics device. Integrated
optical functional devices like variable optical attenuators (VOAs), phase-shifters, switches etc. have
been demonstrated earlier by integrating p-i-n diodes with silicon waveguides and operating in forward
bias. On the other hand, reverse biasing across p-i-n diodes sweeps out free carriers (generated due to
two-photon absorption) from the waveguide core, enabling efficient nonlinear processes such as Raman
amplification, four-wave mixing, etc. So far, no unique design of a p-i-n waveguide is available for all
the above mentioned applications. In this work, we have used a generic diffusion doped p-i-n diode
integrated with a single-mode silicon waveguide for the demonstration of VOA, phase-shifter, and
photodetector (based on two-photon absorption) in 2-µm SOI substrate. The demonstrated phase-shifter

has a tuning efficiency of 0.1π rad/mA; VOA has an attenuation efficiency of 0.1 dB/mA; and
photodetector has been realized with a responsivity of ~10 mA/W2, at an operating wavelength of
λ ∼1550nm. Though the quantum efficiency of such a photodetector is relatively low, it can be
efficiently used for on-chip sensing applications


July 17, 2017
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Event Category:


ESB 244
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