Networked Robotic Control

  • 1. Multi-agent Control
  • 2. Event Trigerred Control
  • 3. Distributed Optimization

VLSI architectures for high-level mobile robotic tasks

  • 1. VLSI architecture for mobile robots
  • 2. Biped robot with limited hardware (no knee joint)
  • 3. Designing Hardware Accelerators for Machine Learning Algorithms

Control of highly resonant systems

  • 1. Battery Management System (BMS) for Li ion battery (Joint Project with Tata Elxsi)
  • 2. Director Santa Fe Research (a company incubated at IITM Research Park. Joint venture with Dr. Girish Ganesan of Santa Fe Partners, USA). Provides R & D services in time-series modeling of stock returns

Identification and performance management of Cloud Computing Systems

  • 1. System Theoretic description of Cloud Computing systems.
  • 2. QoS guarantees via control design in a private Cloud.

Analysis, Optimisation and Control of Power Systems

  • 1. Modelling, design and control of non-isolated SIMO DC-DC converter .

Game Theoretic Applications

  • 1. Game theory and its application in robotics

Geometric Control Theory

  • 1. Variational problems on Riemannian manifolds
  • 2. Notions of formation in Riemannian Symmetric Spaces