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Seventh Indian Control Conference at IIT Bombay, during 20-22 December, 2021. Click Here  

Vijayanand, Bharath Manvi, Sharad Kumar Singh and Durgesh Singh got placed in Exxon Mobil, TCS Research, Addverb Technologies Pvt. Ltd., and People Interactive (I) Pvt. Ltd., respectively.  

Welcome to Dynamics and Control Lab!

The Dynamics and Control Laboratory (DCL) is a part of Electrical Engineering Department of IIT Madras and is mainly situated on the second-level of the Electrical Science Block.

The focus of the group is high-quality research and teaching in the field of Systems and Control Engineering. The labs are supervised by six faculty members who have interests in Systems, Control and Optimization. Research activities include fundamental areas such as linear and nonlinear control, networks, geometric mechanics, game theory and learning theory as well as experimental and application work related to embedded systems, robotics, building automation, mechatronics, power networks and cloud computing among several others.

Lab Equipments

Private Cloud Setup

Nonholonomic Mobile Robots

Twin Rotor MIMO System

Dubin's Car Mobile Robots

Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA Board

LEGO Starter and Expansion Kits

Optitrack Motion Capture System

Kobuki Mobile Robots


Biped Robots


Ongoing Projects

1. Obstacle avoidance and formation control of mobile inverted pendulum robots (DST)

2. Gait and Motion Analysis Using Inertial Sensors (DST)

3. Safe and efficient driving via human CPS (Nissan)

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