Best Oral Presentations
A. Roychowdhury
IISc Bangalore
A coupled hybrid fem scheme to model squeeze film effects with structural interactions in vibratory mems devices
S. Timung
IIT Guwahati
Field induced flow behaviors of oil-water flow inside microfluidic channels
D. Jayaseelan
PSG Institute Coimbatore
Development of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes based NH3 gas sensors for breath analyzer applications
Best Poster Presentations
Shyam Trivedi
IIT Guwahati
ZnO nanorod based 36°-yx LiTaO3 love wave resonator for DNA detection.
Saptarshi Ghosh
Ca, Ba and Sr-Incorporated SnO2 sensors for detection of sub-10 ppm carbon monoxide
Sarath G
IIT Madras
Stress relief membranes for RF MEMS capacitive switches
IIT Bombay
Local morphology changes and micro fractal structure formation in a lifted hele shaw cell
R. Mohanty
IIT Hyderabad
Area effective silicon micro structure only using front end bulk micro machining