PEDES 2018

PEDES 2018 was held as scheduled from 18 – 21 Dec 2018. The PEDES Oraganizing Committee would like to thank all authors, reviewers, keynote speakers, tutorial speakers, industry sponsors, and all service providers for the successful conduct of the event.

Your paper is eligible for review by IAS for possible publication in the Transactions or Magazine if it is submitted for review within one year after the date of presentation and if the paper is within the scope of the IEEE Industry Applications Society. When you are ready to start the review process please 1) send a copy of your paper in PDF format and 2) confirm the name, ScholarOne ID and affiliation of the one person who will be the contact person for the paper.

  • Contact Author Name:
  • Contact Author ScholarOne ID (or e-Mail if there is no ID):
  • Contact Author Affiliation:

The paper and information about the contact author should be sent to t.nondahl@ieee.org. The paper can be either the original conference paper or an updated version of the conference paper suitable for review as explained in the next paragraph.

IEEE Policy 6.4 states: ‘IEEE’s technical publications shall include original material which appears only once in the archival literature.’ If your conference paper has been or will be posted in Xplore as part of the conference record you must update your paper before submitting it for review. Examples of possible updates are improved text, new figures, and/or additional experimental results. IEEE has not set any firm requirements for the changes but most papers that comply with the Policy contain at least 20% new and/or updated material in the body of the paper.

There are three additional requirements for the updates: 1) the conference paper must be added to the references of the updated paper, 2) authors must very clearly indicate how the new submission differs from the previously published work and 3) all authors of the conference paper must be included as authors of the transactions paper except in cases where the omitted author asks to be removed.

The paper sent to Dr. Nondahl will be used to select an IAS Technical Committee to conduct the review. The Papers Review Chair of the committee will send you instructions for uploading the updated paper to ScholarOne if your paper is within the scope of the committee. After you receive the instructions you will have 30 days to submit the updated paper.


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