Outline of the NPERSC

Prospective authors are kindly encouraged to contribute for the conference through submissions of their research abstract, on the following topics (not limited to)

  • Data Analytics for Renewable Energy Integration.
  • Energy Storage Technologies for Grid Support and EVs.
  • Energy Demand Analysis in Smart Grids.
  • Advances in Power System Protection Technologies.
  • Applications of power electronics in power system, home appliances, industry & aerospace.
  • Hard-switching & soft-switching static power converters & UPS.
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications to smart grids.
  • Application of Data Analytics in condition monitoring of power apparatus.
  • Managing High Voltage Assets in Power Networks.

Researchers are requested to submit an abstract online in any of the above areas.

The shortlisted authors will be invited to make poster presentations.

The authors of selected posters will be encouraged to submit the full paper. The papers will be reviewed by the expert team of the Conference and the authors of the selected papers will be requested to submit the manuscript to The Institution of Engineers (India) for consideration for publication in Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India)-Series B.

Plenary talks by reputed academicians and industry experts are planned for every session.


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