Dr. Shanti Bhattacharya joined the Department of Electrical Engineering in the year 2005. She became part of a young and dynamic Photonics group working on various topics in the field. She and her students work mainly in three areas, viz., design, development and fabrication of novel diffractive optical elements, fiber based interferometry and optical MEMS.

Vortex beam generator at IR and THz spectrum

We have demonstrated vortex beam generating metasurfaces operating at IR and THz frequencies based on cross shaped resonators.

MetaOptics Software

We develop a open-source software using Python to create Metasurface GDSII layouts for a given phase function

DOE Simulator and GDSII Convertor

We developed an open-source software built in Python to perform scalar diffraction simulations and subsequently convert the Phase profiles into GDSII format for lithography

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