There is no doubt that the electronics and VLSI technology played a vital role to uplift the standard of living and cultural supremacy of mankind to an unprecedentedly all-time high in the last century. As we enter the 21st century, the ever-increasing demand for the betterment of human life-style is leading to photonics – the light based technology. The Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Madras has recognized the need to develop manpower in photonics right from the beginning of this millennium. There are more than 50 research scholars/students currently pursuing their postgraduate studies (M.Tech/MS/PhD) in the broad area of Electromagnetics, RF and Photonics (Devices, Circuits and Systems) under the mentor-ship of 10 core faculty members affiliated to the Department. We are looking for bright, energetic students with a strong attitude towards futuristic, exploratory research to work along with us in our pursuit of excellence in the above mentioned topical area of engineering sciences and technologies.

Click here to see a brief slide presentation about the various faculty of the group and the work that they currently do. A brief overview of the MTech program can be seen below:
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